About Cathi Burke

Angel & Inter Faith Ordained Minister,

Intuitive Channel, Creative Life Coach,

Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Author

Owner of Creating The Life You Love, Hanover MA

Cathi is a Clear and Conscious Channel for the Divine Masters the Angelic Realms and the Universal Healing Energies.

“I feel honored to bring you this special guidance in these shifting and changing times”

As the Channel for the 8 Angel Rays of Light I am pleased to work hand in hand with each Angel Ray opening the pathways for the highest and most Divine Spirit to flow, and here to accelerate the Ascension Process for everyone.

My Channel continues to Grow and spread Love and Healing

The Angels speak through me with ease and grace and I feel honored to share their love and guidance with the world.

Loved ones in spirit join me daily to bring their healing words of love to all who cross my path

My Soul Guides continue to help me to expand my Light and Teachings out into the world as together we connect each person with their own Special Earth Journey and Soul Mission

After my Sedona Arizona trip, my energy field began to receive more and more of these teachings, as I felt my physical and emotional bodies shifting and changing.

  As greater and greater light flows down upon the planet I am learning that I have to let go more and more and allow this light to shine down through my physical, emotional bodies and spiritual bodies.

It is time that we all release the past and allow these heightened energies to become part of our own, as enlightened energies on the planet heighten.  I am so pleased to be part of this healing energy and look forward to sharing it with all of you."

© 2021 Rev. Cathi Burke

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