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Cathi Burke is a Certified Alternative & Holistic Nutritionist and offers her services at Angels of Light. Her thoughts on nutrition is as follows:


"I believe in the bodies own capability to heal itself once it is given the "Right" food, water, exercise and thoughts! I enjoy sharing my thirty years of experience in the Holistic Field and offer the following services.  Each service compliments the other, and is tailored to working with your Body, Mind, and Spirit to create a better balance and a return of Health, Vitality, and Stamina."


Trace Mineral Hair Analysis has been used for over 30 years to detect Mineral Imbalances and Toxic substances and metals in the body.  The Hair is DNA and is more conclusive than blood in showing the body trends over a longer period of time than a Traditional blood test.  By using Trace Mineral Hair Analysis you are looking at the "Blue Print" of your body and its unique Nutritional Needs.


A variety of issues can be traced to mineral imbalanced and toxic metals such as:

Headaches, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, insomnia, re-occurring virus's and yeast issues, blood pressure issues, fears, phobia's, joint and muscle pain, depression, PMS, Polycystic Ovaries, Adrenal Exhaustion, Diabetes and Blood Sugar issues Allergies, Fatigue and more.


NOTE: Trace Mineral Hair Analysis has been used for over 50 years to detect mineral imbalances that lead to many of the symptoms that cannot be explained. Hair Analysis is another tool for health; this is not a replacement for your Medical Doctors Suggestions and help.


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