A 2019 Channeling of Divine Universal Energies and Guidance 

Through Creative Channel

Rev. Cathi Burke 


 The energies of the 3 Cycle will shine down upon your very Soul


 2019 Energies filled with Abundance for all - will you allow this abundance to flow your way?


The Universal 3 Cycle is about to take over, and the energies of Abundance, Luck, Movement and Manifestation are on the horizon for everyone.


As the energies of the three cycle fall upon the Earth, we begin to see a shift and a change in the many possibilities that have been surrounding us.  Three is the Universal number and is powered by Source energies, and a movement that's time has come.  Yes, this special energy is about to expand your horizons on many different levels, and as you embrace these energies it is wise to remember that what you ask for is about to manifest. 


Choosing wisely is the theme, and staying positive and focused on your outcome, for the energies will begin to take you exactly where you ask, bringing you into many situations that are new, and connecting you with the right people, places and situations that will help you to manifest that which is truly in your heart. Always remembering that thoughts are things, the three cycle will use your thoughts and communications for both good, and not so good.  It’s up to you.


Move into your heart space and ask, for as you listen a perfect well of energy begins to formulate that can now be directed out into the Universe.  A great shift will follow as the three cycle would have it no other way. Keep your communication loving and positive and it will return this way to you 10 fold.


Be the observer and bring forth the positive rather than the negative for both will grow with the energies of this powerful and transformative cycle.  


It is time, and you have waited long enough, say the Universe, so here it comes full throttle, full force into your life for you to embrace.


To feel and know that you are deserving of all the abundance and all the many blessings that are about to come your way, becomes a theme in your daily life, and you will begin to see where you have set up the stage for lack, and low self esteem, which have only blocked your progress - Yes, the energies of the three cycle will shine down upon your Soul, and you will see all that is there for your benefit.  


The three cycle connects you generously with your 3rd chakra energies, and all that you believe you are.  Begin to feed yourself with positive statements, and tap in and into what you truly believe you are.  


Once you have discovered that you have not been allowing yourself the gifts of this abundant Universe, you will begin to take a stand, knowing that you are a child of the God Sources, in which the very best will begin to flow your way.


Make the choice to see all who cross your path as deserving as the veil is lifted, and you begin to know that only you and you alone can allow and embrace the beauty and the light that is waiting for a place in your life. 


Be Grateful for everything, for as you are the energies open doors for more to come - allow happiness to shine into your life, and breathe in its nourishing energy, for it will expand more and more.


You are the Change, you are the Abundance you are the Prosperity, and you are the Joy!


It is so and so it is! Amen


May 2019 teach you how to truly grow, embrace your beauty and prosper - Namaste

© 2020 Rev. Cathi Burke

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