The 8 Angel Rays of Light channeled by Rev. Cathi Burke


The 8 Angel Rays are here as a bridge to all of the Divine


They are here at this time to help humanity to Clear Karma, cleanse and expand their DNA, Connect and Clear us from Past Lives, and bring forth accelerated Healing to the planet.

In the winter of 2011 a unique and loving group of Angels began to present themselves to Cathi. Each Angel came through softly, with a great commitment to reach out to all who would be open to receive their light and love. Over the past several years the Angels of Light have shared with her many channeling and healing offerings and on Valentines Day 2011 an incredible Journey and Healing System began to unfold. Through my morning meditations Cathi was taken through a gentle and loving journey filled with guidance and healing light. Each Angel presented themselves to her with the purest of intentions and as they worked throughout her body, mind and soul she could feel each one of their divine energies pulsating throughout layers of her DNA, clearing an incredible pathway leading to freedom and joy. Each journey brought her greater understanding and renewal.


The Angels of Light are here as a Bridge supporting the Arch Angels, the Seraphim, the Ascended Masters and all of the Divine Universal Energies.  Their light begins to flow through helping us to heighten our own divine energies so that heavenly Spirit can work with us in a deeper and more profound way.

As an Angelic force of light they are here to guide and support us as we embrace the shifting energies of our times, creating a path of grace that brings forth the new and fresh and vital energies at hand.  Their mission is to help us to transform old patterns, beliefs, past traumas, past lives, and remove stagnant DNA, as we move towards a greater state of Love, Vitality, Abundance, Miracles, Peace, Healing, Joy, Faith and Grace. 


An Introduction to the 8 Angel Rays


Angel Ray Majesta-brings forth a rich Magenta Ray which connects us to deep and unconditional Angelic Mother Love, bridging the gap of separation and connecting our hearts to the Divine with unconditional love and healing light. She is here to help us clear old stagnant DNA and karma as unconditional love fills our heart and Soul.


Angel Ray Illumina- brings forth the Golden Ray of Vitality and Abundance, opening and clearing the pathways for greater receptivity, expanding our body, mind and Soul, to receive the many blessings of this abundant universe.

Angel Ray Trinlar- brings forth a Golden/Silver Ray of Miracles, expanding and opening the channels for miraculous energies to flow throughout our lives with ease, as she opens the pathways for the Holy Spirit and the Trinity to work throughout our daily lives, enhancing the power of miracles in all areas of our being.

Angel Ray Stillaire- brings forth the soft blue Ray of Peace, spreading her rays throughout our body, mind and soul. She is here to promote forgiveness, harmony and serenity helping us to release that which is no longer needed, as we become a vehicle for peace in the world, bringing forth peace in all areas of our lives.


Angel Ray Linar- brings forth the gentle emerald green Ray of Healing, flowing throughout body, mind and Soul, releasing past life trauma and injury and helping us to heal on all levels.


Angel Ray Jazielle- brings forth the pure Amber Ray of Joy, filling our heart and Soul with joyful energy, shifting our vibration and opening the doors to our bright and beautiful life now and in the days to come, as she instills joy deep within the resources of our heart.


Angel Ray Faeylore- brings forth a rich Turquoise Ray of Faith, promoting great understanding, peace of mind, strength, clarity, and courage as her turquoise rays flow throughout, expanding and clearing a pathway for enlightenment.


Angel Ray Shashielle- brings forth the Lavender Ray of Grace helping all of the Angels and Divine Universal energies to flow throughout body, mind, and Soul as she expands her light within and around the aura, to instill a pure path of Grace in our lives. 


"I feel honored and blessed to work with these powerful and loving beings of light, and will honor and channel their requests over the coming days and months, sharing their love and light with all of you."  Blessings, Cathi


Testimonials: "The first time I experienced the 8 Angel Rays of Light I could feel lightness and a healing throughout my entire body.  They brought me into a state of pure healing and grace.  Thank you Cathi sharing this gift with me."

Love, Joy Finley 


"I have never felt this kind of joy.  The Angel Rays opened my heart and soul.  I feel joy now each and everyday." Great Thanks, Sandi


Channeling from the 8 Angel Rays


We are here to let you know that as your year begins to come to an end, that immense clearing has taken place.  That over the last eleven months we have worked together with the Angels and the Highest and most Divine energies to prepare the planet to receive more and more light – many obstacles were in our way – there were those who resisted the light, and turned to the darkness only to act out in ways that brought fear and dismay to many.

We are here to let you know however that as the light spread far and wide upon your planet that many were open to receiving and despite the negative energies that continued to act out, we were able to bring the vibration of the planet to a stable place.  A place where light will continue to pour through to all who are ready and willing to receive – As this light continues to flow it will embrace everyone and more and more will penetrate all living entities on the planet – this process has become our mission in 2015 and beyond and the bridge that we came over in 2011 has expanded, and our commitment has grown.


For each negative thought or action there will be a higher more enlightened energy that will continue to pour upon the Earth  ensuring you that as time goes on the light will win over all darkness and a balance of love, vitality, abundance, miracles, peace, healing, joy, faith and grace will follow.

We ask that you be patient, be the light, and allow the light to flow to you daily. 

We have given you a process below to facilitate in this “Expansion of Light” on your planet –

Always in love, the 8 Angel Rays

© 2021 Rev. Cathi Burke

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